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Who is Harb40?

Harb40 is an amateur filmmaker.

In November 2005, after several years of playing tycoon style games like Railroad Tycoon and Roller Coaster Tycoon, along with simulation games like The Sims, he noticed a game call The Movies.  The Movies seemed interesting since it was a tycoon style game that let you run a movie studio.  The great part of this game was it was also a filmmaking tool allowing you to make your own films. Harb40 entered a few contests run by Lionhead Studios (the makers of The Movies) and placed as a runner-up in one.

Out of this experience, Harb40 decided to start a competition of his own.  The Harb40 Passion Competition was born.

What is the Passion Competition?

The premise of the competition is to make a film or write a short story that highlights a specific theme. The theme changes every year but is still tied to the idea of 'passion'. The themes have ranged from (2007 & 2009) the dictionary definition of passion; (2010) the 7 Deadly Sins; (2011) Good Vs. Evil/Right Vs. Wrong; (2012) Crimes of Passion.  2013 dealt with Obsessions.

A panel of judges will watch and review each film using a set standard of judging criteria including adherence to the theme, technical aspects of the film and overall film quality.  A separate panel of writers will review each story submitted using a distinct set of criteria designed for writers.  The results are published by early December.

Videos can be animation using any program you desire including iClone, Moviestorm, Muvizu, Daz, Poser, Blender, Maya and others, games like Halo, The Sims, GTA and more or live action films.

Prizes for the video winners include animation software, video editing software and more.  For the writers, we have writing software and animation programs to turn the stories into video.

The theme, rules and guidelines will be posted in advance of the submission period on the forums.  All submissions for the competition will be done through the site’s forums.

How to enter

The competition is held annually with the theme, rules and guidelines released and posted in the forums in August.  Film makers and writers then can either start work on a new project or submit something they have completed in the past as long as it complies with the theme.

A submission period of roughly 8-9 weeks is allocated to allow works to be submitted.  All submissions must be done on the official submission thread in the forums.

Registration is required to post in the forums.  All registrations are individually reviewed so a delay of hours or days could occur before clearance to post.  It is advisable to read the FAQs section to answer the majority of your questions.